Aloha Oe!

Aloha Oe!

Our dear friend Melanie, who was the federal aid guru in the Financial Aid office (where I work), has left us for a job in Provo. Something about her husband having the opportunity to go to school there, and about him having been there since January, and about not wanting to have a long-distance relationship with her husband, and about BYU-Provo having created a job just for her. Whatever. I don’t buy it. Surely nobody would ever want to leave a job in Paradise! Okay, so there were a lot of very important things that were drawing her back to the mainland. It’s just a shame that she had to leave before us! Now that Kareena and Melanie are gone, there are two fewer reasons for me to enjoy going to the office every day. It’s a good thing Harmony is coming back from maternity leave this week, or I would be tempted to retire early. :)

Besides making work bearable, Melanie is a fellow-“Lost” fan, so we’ll miss exchanging theories and dissecting episodes on Thursday mornings (now that “Lost” is back on air), or joining her and Aho (her husband) for an episode occasionally (as we do not have a TV). Melanie is also a super good cook, so we’ll miss her food at office parties. And Aho is a good volleyball player, so Micah will miss him at open gym. Laie is a very transient place, so you would think that it would be easier to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new, but it is more difficult for those who are left behind.

We wish Melanie and Aho great happiness and much success in beautiful Provo. We look forward to seeing them this summer, when it is our turn to bid Oahu a fond aloha oe!

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