Super Bowl vs. Gosbowl . . . I mean Gospel

Super Bowl vs. Gosbowl . . . I mean Gospel

Another thing about living in Laie is that when you see a house with a Seattle Seahawks flag out front, instead of thinking that the people who live there are merely Seahawks fans, you think that their son or brother or cousin must play for the Seahawks. Not only are there a lot of big Polynesian people around these parts, but the local high school, Kahuku, currently has more if its former players playing in the NFL than any other high school in the United States. Football is big here.

It isn’t really surprising then, that the Elder’s Quorum President (who played for Oregon State) began Elder’s Quorum on this lovely Super Bowl Sunday by saying, “I know you all have an important engagement today, so we’ll just close with a prayer and go home.” (I know this not because I was there, by the way, but because Micah told me. We never make jokes like that in Relief Society.) All joking aside though, he asked who would go to the Super Bowl if, say, their brother were to fly them out to Miami and get them a ticket to the game. All expenses paid. So not only do you have to deal with the, “But it’s Sunday,” issue, you also have to deal with the, “But it’s my brother,” issue. Well, we aren’t sure if Bishop Reid (our Bishop) was actually offered an all expense paid trip to the Super Bowl, but we are sure that his brother, Gabe, is playing in it.

Bishop Reid and his family were there setting the example for all of the Super Bowl fans who were antsy to get home to watch the game that the Super Bowl is actually not as important as the gospel, even in Laie.

4 thoughts on “Super Bowl vs. Gosbowl . . . I mean Gospel

  1. Well, that IS comforting. I was afraid that you were going to say that they really did cancel meetings because of it. And in all reality, I wouldn’t have been too surprised.

  2. Under our other bishop, I almost would have been surprised if he didn’t cancel meetings. He sent everybody home because the water pressure in the bathrooms was low one time.

  3. Thats funny, your bishop’s dad, and other members of his family (maybe your bishop too?) spent a few months in our ward in Provo. Ask him about attending the Rivergrove first ward in provo. He might remember a dashing blond 2nd counselor who made a bunch of mistakes while conducting sacrament meeting.

    Gabe’s dad was also the stake president in samoa when my dad was on his mission there.

    I know it doesn’t have a lot to do with football or the gospel, but it is a very interesting.

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