Fun with Light, Part II

Fun with Light, Part II

So, we have a new lamp that I just finished making last night. Our last stab at stylized lighting brought about a funny and colorful orb in our den/walk-in-closet. Unfortunately, gravity got the best of that one and by morning it was it was reduced to a shape less spherical and more bag-of-potatoes. I still would like to find a way to get that one working, but in the meantime I decided to take my lighting experimentation in a different direction.

The nice thing about working for a marketing department for a large company is that all sorts of vendors and such send us cookies, baskets full of goodies, gift certificates, etc. for the various holidays. Christmas is by far the best. We received a set of three baskets with lids from one of our printers. The baskets were different sizes and made from a metal frame with glittery stars all along the outside. Basically, they were really ugly. So, hating for perfectly ugly metal baskets to go to waste, I added some garden wire, masking tape, 4 foot bamboo poles, muslin, fabric backing, and lots and lots of hot glue into the mix and made a lamp for our living room.

I don’t have a before picture, but here is the finished product:

5 thoughts on “Fun with Light, Part II

  1. I think it says a lot about Micah’s skills that I am thinking about how we would go about shipping the lamp to the mainland when we leave. It is fairly light . . . .

  2. That light looks nice. Micah continues to amaze and delight us with his Martha-like skills (even though he doesn’t like her).

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