We were informed earlier this evening that there was an earthquake off the coast of Japan and that we are in the tsunami warning zone. The predicted tsunami, with waves “as high as three feet” (according to KHNL News), should hit us about mid-night.

Don’t worry. We’ve pulled our 72-hour kit out from under the bed are filling in any existing gaps. While we wait for the sirens, we are passing the time by listening to This American Life archives and twiddling our thumbs. If the island of Oahu is under water in the morning, know that we’ve probably taken refuge in the temple (a five minute walk from our house) and are doing well. If it is still above water, we’ll probably still be listening to This American Life.

All this brings me to the question: how do tsunamis work? Are we really supposed to be nervous about three foot waves? The waves are twenty feet on the North Shore at this time of year. We play in waves bigger than three feet.

Update: The warning has been cancelled. I guess that means we have to go to bed now, eh?

3 thoughts on “Tsunami?

  1. That was my first thought, too, “Three feet? Pretty scary…riiiiight.” Maybe they meant thirty. Then maybe I’d be a little nervous!

  2. Yeah. Apparently the tsunami in Japan was 10 centimeters. So we’re supposed to be prepared for the tides to be a little bit different.

  3. I was quite annoyed when we had our Building RA come and BANG on our door at like 10pm. Especially since I had just heard on the news that it was downgraded from “Warning” to “Watch” status.

    If he had woken up Kaiya… *growls*

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