Or Forever Hold Your Peace

Or Forever Hold Your Peace

Okay, so we are down to a couple of days before we find out if our little alien peanut will be a boy, a girl, or a chinchilla. According to recent medical studies the chances of us having a soft, South American rodent are such that the odds are respectively 49.5%, 49.5%, and 1%. So, here is what everybody thinks thus far (in no particular order):

Adrian- girl

Jodie – a girl named Polly
Polly – girl
Chad & Melissa-girl
Mom Blackhurst-boy
Lizzie’s subconscious – boy
Lizzie’s consciousness – girl
Micah – chinchilla (I’m crossing my fingers)

If you would like to add or change your vote you have until Thursday. Please drop us a note in the comments area and let us know what you think. The winners will win something awesome from somebody someday.

And now, for a special blog post bonus Lizzie is going to relate some recent amusing dreams she had about our little fetus. Take it away Lizzie.

Thank you, Micah. I appreciate that little introduction. Although I usually think of our little fetus as a girl, when I dream of it, it’s a boy. In the most recent dream (which I believe occurred on Saturday morning), we awoke to find the baby in our bed. Despite being born about 20 weeks early, he was surprisingly large and well-developed. But, as you can imagine, the two of us were a little bit panicked. I think I was also a little bit confused . . . I thought the baby came out of Micah. The baby was still attached to the umbilical cord (which, I believe, is how I realized he actually came out of me), so we thought there might be a chance that we could put him back where he belonged. Micah went to call the doctor to find out how such a procedure could be performed, but before they could tell us what to do we realized that he was a happy and healthy little boy and we might as well cut the cord and enjoy him.

My first birthing dream was somewhat similar in that he was born 20 weeks early and came out smooth as a greased pig (only in a hospital and with a doctor). Of course we were really surprised about it so we decided not to tell anybody. We took him home and tried to think up a name. For some reason I thought Winston was a good idea, but I was having a hard time convincing Micah. I can’t imagine why. I also forgot the part about the baby needing to eat, but despite my negligence he grew to the size of six month old in a matter of days.

I assume if it is a girl, my dreams will change to accommodate her, but seeing as how they are so realistic anyway, maybe not.

12 thoughts on “Or Forever Hold Your Peace

  1. So Micah remains the only one convinced it will be a chinchilla, eh? And I think you just don’t want to be wrong, Jess. That way you can say, “I knew it! I was right!” either way . . . oh, you’re a tricky one, all right, but I’m on to you.

  2. Hmmm.. I never voted yet but luckily I checked your blog in time to enter the contest. Lets see… boy. Yes, I’ll stick with boy.

  3. Oh, and good luck with the ultrasound. I hope all goes well and that you get a good technician that takes his/her time so you really get a good look at your little chinchilla. It’s cool stuff, especially when it’s your own. I’ll bet you still aren’t showing a bit.

  4. Thanks, Jen. I hope the tech takes his time, too. I feel like I’ve been waiting for this FOREVER and it would be so sad if he just rushed through it and sent us on our way.

  5. Preggie dreams are hilarious. At about 6 months I dreamt Neils came out as a half-cooked roast. Like, really. Nothing baby-like about him. Not quite done, though, so we put him back in.

    Another time I dreamt I left him behind at a party. The alarming part was the mild annoyance I felt when I (the dream me) discovered I’d forgotten him. It was more like a, “dangit, I forgot my keys and now I’m going to have to go hunting for them” kind of feeling. I woke up feeling so awful!!

    Too funny. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love that image. Neils as pot roast. I’m glad you figured out how to put him back. Micah and I were not so successful. And I felt the same when I woke up after I realized I hadn’t fed the baby for the first week or so of its life–awful!

    I never dreamed about me being pregnant before I actually was (although I’m told it happens–two of the sisters in my brother’s mission have dreamt of giving birth, although they have obviously never been pregnant), but I did have baby dreams when Jodie was pregnant. My favorite was the one where Adrian decided it would be a good idea to adopt some older children on the down low and then surprise Jodie with them when she was in the delivery room. Wouldn’t you have loved that, Jodie?

  7. P.S. I’m going to be gone most of tomorrow…I don’t know when your appointment is, but I REALLY want you to call me and tell me lots of details. I’ll get home around 6ish my time. :)

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