A List for Thanksgiving

A List for Thanksgiving

But first, a poem. This was written by Rebecca and Elizabeth Blackhurst approximately 13 (14? 15?) years ago.

On Thanksgiving Day
All horses will eat hay,
but that won’t go for me.
I’ll eat lots of turkey
with mounds of jerky.
. . .

Okay, I don’t remember the rest. Maybe somebody in my family can dig it up from the files and finish it for me. Now, the list entitled “What we are Thankful for”:

Ronaldo (pictured above), who sacrificed his life for our gastronomic pleasure (it was definitely the best turkey we have ever roasted).
2. Allrecipes.com, the lovely site that guided us through our first Thanksgiving turkey, from thawing to brining to gravy.
3. Kareena, Jay, and Gig who joined us this day so we didn’t have to celebrate alone.
4. Ohio State football.
5. Fetal movement.
6. Grad school applications, for being submitted.

7. President Hinckley for leading us, even though he is really tired.
8. Our jobs, for letting us not work today or tomorrow.
9. Our camera, which helped us document our first Thanksgiving feast.
10. Brita, the pitcher that purifies our water.
11. Roosters, because that which does not kill us makes us stronger, right?
12. That we get to see family again in one month.
13. Spike and Greek, the spices that supplied Ronaldo with added taste and smell.
14. The Hursts who let us paint their apartment just the way we like it.
15. The church, which, in case you were wondering, is true.
16. Each other.

10 thoughts on “A List for Thanksgiving

  1. I love how you guys name everything, especially the old names you come up with (Ronaldo?):). I like your list and your poem, but I want to know how big Ronaldo is. . . . or was

  2. Ronaldo was almost 19 pounds, which, as you might have guessed, is a little bit large for five people . . . especially five smallish people like we are. So, Micah and I will be having turkey sandwiches from now until we go to Utah. Thank goodness for the Durkees.

  3. Way to remember most of our cool Thanksgiving poem. I haven’t found it anywhere, but I’m pretty sure that this is how it ends:

    And when our feast is done,
    We’ll all have fun.
    And when it’s time to leave,
    We’ll all give a heave.

    Weren’t we creative?
    I liked your thankful list and am excited that we’ll be seeing you guys in less than a month!

  4. I think it is interesting that we decided everyone needed to give a heave as the left the party. I’m not sure what kind of a heave we were thinking . . . we did some great collaborations back in the day, didn’t we?

  5. Dear Liz and Micah,
    Thanks for giving me a “homey” Thanksgiving! It was so good to spend it in a home(rather than the stake center with cafeteria-catered food)and the food was GREAT(espcially spiked Ronaldo)!!! I can’t tell you how nice it is to have my own family(yes, that would be the two of you!) out here on this island. Really-I didn’t even get homesick once I got inside your home. And I will be honest, I am now converted to Kareoke Revolution. My life will never be the same. (who is satisfied with gold anymore??? It is all about the platinum!)

  6. It’s fun to see what you guys are doing in the kitchen. Great looking bird!! — and who made the pie?

    But actually, the most exciting thing was to see that Liz might be starting to poke out a little!! Love it!

  7. Micah is the man behind the pie, and the bird. He does good work.

    I definitely am bigger than I was before, although not to the point where anybody would look at me and think I am pregnant. I’m sure one of these days it is going to happen.

  8. It’s good to see you’re still remembering the poetry of your childhood days. I didn’t remember this one until I read Becca’s part and then it all came back. It is almost as good as, “You have burped on the rootbeer…” The profile is cute and it is exciting that you are aware of fetal movement. It’s nice to see how well the baby is being nourished. Number 12 on your list is number 1 on mine. I can hardly wait.

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