Hors Douvres, Anyone?

Hors Douvres, Anyone?

Mom Blackhurst is looking for ideas about something hors douvre-ish/appetizerish to make for the ward Christmas party in a few weeks. Apparently none of my siblings who live at home like mushrooms, so stuffed mushrooms, her favorite, are out of the question. We’re looking for something slightly more . . . sophisticated than the olive-pickle-cheese kabobs that were a favorite in the Blackhurst household back in the day. I personally don’t have a lot of experience with this kind of thing, but maybe some of you do? What is your favorite hors douvre? And maybe you could tell us how to make it, too . . . . The party isn’t until Dec. 9th, so we’ve got about three weeks to come up with something. Thanks a bunch.

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  1. She could try other stuffed things like stuffed tomatoes, stuffed peppers, etc. Then there is always the familiar deviled eggs, those tortilla pinwheel things (with ham and cream cheese or something like that–I just had one yesterday with like cut up mangoes, cranberries, oranges, and apples as well), a tasty cheese ball and crackers, some good dips–like a spinach dip or artichoke dip–with crackers or toast, or you could get even fancier and make a batch of cream puffs (the recipe I have isn’t sweet–it’s the filling that makes it sweet) then fill it with a dip or sauce etc. What about mini quiches made in mini muffin tins? Does that help? I have recipes for most of this stuff if she’s interested…

  2. Wow. Thanks. I will check with her and get back to you on that. You are just full of wonderful ideas. Now I want to make them all . . . especially the artichoke dip. Yum.

  3. They all sound good to me, but the cream puff shells take me back to my mother’s house, something I would like to do more often than I do. Lizzie, if I could get the basic recipe and maybe some suggested fillings. I seem to remember Mom did things like Egg or Chicken salad stuffings. I don’t know if you or Jodie would have other suggestions, but I would be happy to entertain them. I wonder of Becca’s recipe for Eclair Cake could be modified to make the shells. What do you think? Thanks to both of you for responding.

  4. Mom B, I say, if it’s for a Ward Christmas party, it’s the perfect opportunity to make those stuffed mushrooms! You can actually have some for once, while the kids who hate them can just eat whatever else is being served. That’s just my 2 cents.

  5. Well, this has been very productive! I’m so happy that we’ve figured out something wonderful. I’m just surprised that nobody has commented on the wonderful original artwork that I spent so long on. :)

  6. OH! Was that yours? You are so clever! It even looks like something stuffed, you know? You are so cute, Liz.

  7. Liz, I’m sorry I didn’t blog earlier. Personally, your picture rocks my freakin’ socks. 😉 I wish I could do computer artworks as well as you do, and I have to say that I laughed hysterically when I read the captions. 😛 You make me so happy. :)

  8. Liz, I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your painting. You should like put it on postcards. I’d buy one.

  9. Wow, my first blog comment to Liz and Miach! Hi guys! I love reading up every now and then on how you’re doing…So, Hors Douvres. I like spinach and feta phyllo triangles from my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook..which is packed away right now (we move tomorrow). Basically, it’s sauted onions, spinach, and garlic with some feta cheese inside of phyllo dough (each layer brushed with butter), folded into triangles (Start with 3 inch phyllo strips and then cross over, making a triangle.._) I’m sure there’s a exact recipe on allrecipes.com. Try that idea. easy and yummy. The buttering takes a bit of time, but other than that – easy PLUS a big hit. Made them for appetizers for Thanksgiving party last year. Happy fetal movements! don’t worry Micah, you’ll be able to feel them soon, too:)

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