Night Light

Night Light

It’s 1:00am and we have work in the morning. So why are we still awake?

Introducing our new fancy schmancy light shade lamp thing!!!!

We found the template and idea here and the directions here. It is made from a vellum calendar I received from one of our printers as a sample. And now it’s finally going to good use.

2 thoughts on “Night Light

  1. Well look at you guys and your fancy-shmancy Martha Stewart skills. By the way, what’s vellum? And your different colors look way cooler than the example they had.

  2. Sooo groovy! I love that. Instructables has the coolest stuff, I must say. I might have to copy you some day. We do have several of Grandpa Holben’s lamps that are shadeless… VERY Heiselt-esque. You guys so totally rock.

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