Hang on Sloopy!

Hang on Sloopy!

Two good things have happened so far this weekend: We put our apartment back together (after dismantling it for painting) and, more importantly, the Ohio State Buckeyes beat Michigan in the biggest game in college football. Happily, the two things came together to provide a wonderful opportunity for us to show off our apartment and the new paint job to some of our friends. Now, I have to say that although we put everything back together and it feels more like we are moved there are still a few things that need to be done as far as really being settled in the apartment goes (painting cabinets and doors, hanging pictures, making and hanging curtains) so we’re not going to show you all of the wonderful things we have done just yet, mostly because we still have a few wonderful things left to do. So, let’s get back to the business at hand:

Everyone pitched in a bit to make this the best football party that we have ever had. Micah and I cleaned and painted the apartment scarlet and gray. Seth and Amy brought their nice big TV. Leavin and Amanda brought pigs-in-blankets. Gina Smith brought all of her OSU decor, her “Best D*** Band in the Land” cd for after-touchdown celebrations, and a lot of her friends. Jim Tressel brought his classiness and genius to the sideline. Troy Smith, Antonio Pittman, and Anthony Gonzales brought their games. Really the only thing that went wrong was the OSU center brought his butterfingers, but something like that can’t keep a good Buckeye team down. We laughed, we cheered, we almost cried (you have to admit there were a few controversial calls there), and in the end we were happy with the results. The Buckeyes remain undefeated and ranked #1 and we have a clean, mostly painted apartment that we got to share with some of our friends.

6 thoughts on “Hang on Sloopy!

  1. We just have to say that we’re proud of our Cougars, too. Conference champs and nationally ranked to boot. Rise and Shout!

  2. Yeah, too bad that “watching the game” for us meant a whole lot of fuzziness on a black-and-white channel. Half the time you couldn’t really even tell who was who (at least I couldn’t). There was one point that Clark was crying in the living room RIGHT NEXT to Adrian, but Age was too focused on the game and it wasn’t until I yelled from the kitchen, “Dad…so something!” that he realized something besides the game was going on. Ahhh, the joys of marrying a Buckeyes fan…go OSU!

  3. Yeah, Will was pretty excited that we got it on our receptionless TV. And I like the new things at the bottom of this page (a.k.a. “Publish Your Comment” and “Preview”)

  4. Yo, wo! Ohio State really that good? Ha ha. I will protect my identify in case of any fanbase posting hate mail to me.

    Also, to keep the mystery…I just have to say that I am the one who posted the suggestion to give the right hand side (the text side) of your blog some color and have to say that it really looks great what you have done. Alot less overwhelming! Love reading your blogs.

    Yes, you know me – though I will remain anonymous for now. Ha ha! Got to keep you wondering.


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