Feedback Wanted

Feedback Wanted

*Hey Everybody,

If you haven’t noticed, we have made a few minor changes to our blog in the last week. The most prominant is the title. It is now a fancy schmancy picture. We also altered the links to look and act a bit more stylized (underlines are so 2005) and shrunked our little dots.

Basically we are wondering a few things and we would be very grateful if you let us know what you think in the comments area.

1. Is everything working? (I am a newbie at this whole CSS thing and I would like to clean up any bugs that are out there.)

2. Do you like the changes? (why & why not?)

3. What would you add or change about our blog to **make it better?

We really like to do this whole blogging thing. We feel that it is our key connection with all of our friends and family that live so far away. This little rock of ours can get a bit lonely sometimes. We would love to do anything to make you all want to visit more often and comment like it’s your job.

liz & micah.

*We have found that blog posts that have pictures tend to get more comments.
**Don’t bother mentioning it. I already spoke with Liz and she says a dunking booth is out of the question. Sorry.

10 thoughts on “Feedback Wanted

  1. A1: I have to say that sometimes the type and picture won’t come up unless I scroll down, and then sometimes it will disappear again if I scroll back down. I don’t know why, it’s kind of strange, but . . . yeah. Anyway.
    A2: I do like the Green Wallet picture, and even though I have to admit I didn’t notice the other things, I think it looks great.
    A3: What?! No dunking booth? How do you expect people to even come here without one?! Oh, and something that just barely hit me: maybe on the edges or something I could put pictures of yourselves, family, ocean views, your house, etc. Just a suggestion.
    I know this is really long, but one more thing: what is/who did the sand/stick/rock art of the face/king/tribal warrior dude/dudette? And I’m going to go now because I have used up my daily alloted slash marks.

  2. My only complaint/suggestion is: you need to post more pictures that you actually take yourselves. It is more interesting for us and saves you from having to answer a million times, “we got that one off the internet, too.”

    Oh yeah, and the title looks neat. Good work.

  3. For Sarah and anybody else who is wondering, the piture on this post is an original Micah Heiselt masterpiece created near the north west tip of Oahu, near the site that our friends on LOST crashed their little aeroplane.

  4. Okay, Liz and Micah! You asked for it…so here it comes!

    -your site is fab
    -love the green wallet addition! How’d you do that?
    -maybe putting the right hand side (the text side) with a color background will keep the text from looking overwhelming. Just a side suggestion.
    -And, yes, I would have to agree with the person that said we want to see more pictures of the both of you. Smile!

  5. The only experience I’ve had in the past week is that BYU seems to have put you guys on the “filtered for pornography” list. Of course, this isn’t true, and when the same thing happened with Adrian and Jodie’s blog I was able to get it fixed, but so far I still can’t hit your blog from on campus…

  6. We are getting some good ideas about posting our own pictures . . . both of us are a little camera shy, but I think we can come up with some acceptable solutions. :)

    Thanks, also for the suggestion to add some color to make the text look less overwhelming, Anonymous. I know there are some people who come and see how much I’ve written and are intimidated by the lengthiness. :) But part of the reason we started this was to give an aspiring journalist an opportunity to write for an audience, so the posts aren’t likely to get any shorter. We’ll play around with it.

  7. Micah & Liz,
    I like your blog and the changes. I noticed the picture for The Green Wallet right away. I also had the inside scoop becuase Micah told me of some of the changes as he was so happy for himself. I do read your blog like it’s my job becuase otherwise I would know nothing considering Micah’s nack for communication. :)

  8. You guys are so stinkin’ spiffy. I can’t even keep up with all the new stuff you post about. And you don’t even have rug rats doing all kinds of crazy stuff to your house yet! I love it.

    LOVE the new wallet logo. Again, very spiffy. My only suggestion is that it needs some color on the right hand side to balance out the menus on the left. I like the idea of little thumbnails of you guys, meaningful places to you, or any random image you might pick. But anything with some color would be nice. Maybe, I dunno… green?

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