Skewed Perception

Skewed Perception

Aren’t glasses supposed to improve your vision as much as possible? I got my new glasses on Wednesday, but they seemed a little bit off. After trying to get used to them for a day and a half, I decided they were driving me crazy and that the prescription for the left lens is completely wrong, which it is. I went back to the eye doctor and the receptionist first tried to tell me it was because both eyes were working together to give me a clear picture, so if I couldn’t see clearly when I closed one of them, it was still okay. When I told her that I couldn’t see clearly using both of them (with my glasses on), she said the doctor was trying to strengthen my bad eye by making my better eye do all the work. Does this make sense to anyone? It sure didn’t to me. Wouldn’t that make my better eye worse, since it is straining more now? Anyway, I’m going back in on Tuesday to make them give me a better lens.

And a random sidenote, just for kicks: As we’ve been introducing ourselves in our new ward, Micah has been asked on multiple occasions if he is Hawaiian. “Micah, huh? Are you Hawaiian? Is that your Hawaiian name?” True, he has dark hair and dark eyes, which are also common features among the Hawaiian population, but the similarities end right about there. Of course, they seem to feel a little sheepish when he reminds them that it’s Biblical . . . .

3 thoughts on “Skewed Perception

  1. I’m not sure I would trust a doctor who’s receptionist believes that you can strengthen a bad eye by making the good eye work harder. Wouldn’t that make the bad eye even worse because it’s not doing anything? And does Micah even sound Hawaiian?

  2. I don’t, either, but we have little choice up here on the North Shore . . . a choice made even smaller by the fact that I don’t like to drive without my glasses and Micah works normal business hours, which means my options were whatever was in walking distance.

    Micah does kind of sound Hawaiian, and it is more common here than it is on the mainland, but if it were really Hawaiian, it would be spelled Maika.

  3. Too funny. I hate going to any eye doctor anywhere at all for that reason. They never seem to get it right. Even if the prescription is okay, they just can’t adjust them properly. Granted, I now have two small boys with two hands apiece that just LOVE glasses. I recently realized both pairs of my glasses are horridly skewed. The top of one lens is seriously about a 1/2 inch higher up than the other. Thanks guys. I used to slowly be able to bend them back to almost unnoticeably different. My glasses refuse to give in anymore. Little rascals.

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