A Pleasant Surprise

A Pleasant Surprise

We walked home from church on Sunday and had hardly been home long enough to take off our shoes before there was a knock at the door. Two boys were standing there. One of them handed us a blue envelope with our name and address on it. Could it be? Was somebody actually coming by to collect our fast offering? We were so excited we could hardly contain ourselves. In our excitement we (meaning Liz) filled out the check wrong. After much flustering and tripping over ourselves we had the check and the donation slip filled out correctly and sent the boys on their way.

It has been since we lived in Provo that we last had our fast offering collected at our house. It was so nice to know that the ward knows who we are and where we live. I think we are going to like it here.

2 thoughts on “A Pleasant Surprise

  1. It’s weird to think about how things you take for granted are different in other places. I hardly ever think of the boys who collect fast offerings. Those poor kids, they probably thought you were a convert and were really excited to pay for the first time as a member or something.

  2. I think the one family ward I attended in Utah is the only place in my entire life I’ve ever lived where anybody ever came and collected fast offerings door to door. I felt so retarded just standing there looking at the poor deacon who, knowing I was active and there every Sunday and theoretically should know what to do, wondering what the heck he wanted disturbing me from my Sunday nap like that… yeah. Things are different everywhere.

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