Our Moment of Glory, Revisited

Our Moment of Glory, Revisited

Click here to see goofy pictures of the two of us running the marathon back in June.

And also, because I know you are curious, No, we did not hold hands the whole time. We did when they let us know they were going to take a picture, largely because as we were training a lot of people asked us, “So are you going to run hand-in-hand?” Of course, they were asking if we would stay together the whole time, but now (almost) all the evidence points to us being a really cheesy couple.

My favorite part is that Micah looks like he is about ready to die at the finish line and I look like I just took a walk in the park. It was a conscious effort. And please, pay no attention to my midriff. I wore the most modest shirt they offered, but it was obviously too short.

4 thoughts on “Our Moment of Glory, Revisited

  1. If you didn’t hold Micah’s hand the whole way, then who’s hand did you hold? I have to say that I really enjoyed those pictures. How could you both look so happy at the end? I watched the Boston Marathon this year and everyone looked so pained going that last block of the race! I must say that it was inspiring. You guys are inspiring! I plan to do a marathon too sometime in my life. However, instead of having a picture of me holding hands with someone, it would be me piggy-backing on someone else. That is the only way I’d survive!

    I did participate in the Canyonlands 1/2 Marathon. That was fun!

    You guys are great!

    Natalie Snow

  2. Oh…I forgot to say that in the half marathon I had to drop to participating in the 5K instead. Oh…and with that I did a super job of walking the 5K run! Hee hee!


  3. Yeah Liz, you look amazing. I can’t even tell if you’re sweating. You can be sure that if I had just ran a marathon, my face would be beet red, my hair would drenched, and you would be able to see dark pools of sweat under my arms. This is why Sarah doesn’t run marathons.

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