Happy (Haunted) Trails, Everyone!

Happy (Haunted) Trails, Everyone!

We are happy to report that it almost feels like Halloween for real out here in our tropical (rainy) paradise. This is partly because it has been overcast and rainy for the past week, and partly because it is somewhat cooler than ususal. Of course, we realize that if we were back on the mainland this rain would more likely be snow and we most definitely would not still be wearing our Chacos to work.

In an attempt to get even more Halloween spirit into our holiday, we went to a haunted ranch for FHE last night with Kareena and Manny. Gunstock was advertising rides through their spooky trails for only $3 a person between 7:00 and 10:00. We arrived at the ranch at about 7:20 and quickly realized that the owners had overextended themselves. The line was already long and they only had one (1) pickup truck with hay in the back taking people on what was probably a 15 minute ride. People were lining up much faster than the truck could take them through. Just as it should have been our turn to ride (but, alas, it wasn’t as a group of hormone charged teenagers thought it was a good idea to cut in front of us–even though when they asked us if we minded and we gave them an adament NO), it started pouring. The funny thing was that it had been sprinkling before and Kareena had said, “I hope it pours when it is our turn.” Silly Kareena. But the rain didn’t last long. In fact, just as it let up the ranchers found their other truck and brought it out to help with the customers. We were overjoyed, until, of course, the girl who was getting everybody on kept saying, “I sure hope this truck doesn’t get stuck somewhere.” We hoped not, too.

The trails themselves were fun in a, “It’s nice to see them try,” sort of way. The Indians were nothing special until the ones riding horses came at us. The horses were definitely cool. Other than that, it seemed as though the rain had dampened the spirits of most of the spooks who were supposed to jump out and scare us out of our pants. And Crazy Cooper, the headless horseman, must have been daydreaming while we sneaked up on him, so we watched him as he mounted his steed and tried to pull his cloak over his head before he circled the truck. The hanged cattle rustlers were good, though. They definitely looked like mannequins, so we all got a good jump when they started throwing spaghetti at us. And when I say “us” I do mean “us,” but unfortunately their aim was bad and they only hit Micah. He ended up with a lap full of wet spaghetti noodles that kept us occupied for the rest of the ride. What a joy.

At least we didn’t get stuck.

7 thoughts on “Happy (Haunted) Trails, Everyone!

  1. Sounds sort of like my Pumpkin Patch experience. It wasn’t really that scary, and the kids acted, in their elementary way, what you guys were thinking (only worse because we didn’t have hanged cattle rustlers, just a head on a table that screamed). In other words I ended up getting kicked in the ankle.

  2. I’m ashamed to say that we didn’t carve the pumpkin. Pumpkins out here are expensive, and we would have had to go down to town to get one. It’s another Google image special. but rest assured that Micah could have done way better. :)

    And Sar, the Pumpkin Patch sounds like our experience last night. We just walked around Laie in our costumes. People thought they were cool, and some of the really little kids were scared, but the tween crowd were mostly a bunch of punks. One of them threw something at Micah’s “head,” but his real head was about four feet lower. We had a good time, got our picture taken a lot, and then got home and realized that I lost my glasses somewhere in Laie.

  3. How do you lose your glasses while walking around in a costume? Wouldn’t you feel them slip off and hear the crash? Also, I agree that tween boys are punks. Oh, and Liz, I promise that I will send you pictures of the stuff you’ve asked for. But right now, patience would probably be good, especially patience with me. :)

  4. An interesting question, Sarah, and one to which I can honestly say: No. This is because my glasses most likely came off when I was putting on or taking off my costume from my shoulders, so the styrofoam and cardboard against my face masked the feeling of my glasses falling off. And as for hearing the crash, it is likely that they had a gentle ride down through the folds of fabric to the ground. I didn’t notice a change in vision because looking through the black fabric is a lot like being without my glasses anyway, so it looked equally blurry. Such is life.

    And I can be patient.

  5. So remember how I saw this pumpkin and thought it would be easy enough to carve on our pumpkin. It was, and turned out pretty good in fact. Then my 2 year old popped the whole cat off when I went into the other room. Gee, so much for that.

  6. Ahhh, children. I used to wonder why nothing seemed to last long at my house growing up . . . maybe the multitude of small children would explain it. I guess I should get used to having things “improved upon” by little hands, eh?

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