Living it Large on Friday the 13th

Living it Large on Friday the 13th

Yes, it’s been a while since our Friday the 13th party which we co-hosted with our friends the Thomanders. Since we were in the midst of moving, it was at their apartment, and most of the guests were their friends. But it was our idea. And we had the best costumes. And Micah made the pinata. It was a potluck. We made mashed potato eyeballs, the Thomanders made brain pasta, there was eyeball jello, slime pudding, and wormy dirt. We ate and talked and told scary stories and broke the pinata. But the really fun part was our costumes.

Micah spent weeks on these things. After coming up with the design, he papier mache-ed the masks, then sanded, painted, and sanded again. As you can see, the end result was awesome. The tricky part was finding something to which we could attach the masks that would allow us to see through the mouth holes. The original idea of using football pads was replaced by the styrofoam-cardboard alternative. They were much lighter and we didn’t have to return them to someone at the end of the night.
Of course, the day of the party we were scrambling to get them finished. Micah’s frames and masks were all ready to go, I just needed to sew the fabric together so he could assemble it. We borrowed a sewing machine from some friends at about 4:30 and I sewed like a fiend until 6:54. The party started at 7:00. I left to go pick up some friends in Laie hoping Micah would somehow whip the costumes into working condition. What was I worried about? The man is awesome. Our costumes were the hit of the party. People were pretty weirded out by the fact that we could “grow” by lifting the frames up (the cloth part is about 9 feet long) and it was fun to shrink and grow and bow and have people talking to us but not knowing where our faces were. The black fabric is transluscent, so we could see out just fine, but nobody could see in.
The pinata was a big hit, too, of course . . . get it? Pinata? Big hit? Oh, never mind.

8 thoughts on “Living it Large on Friday the 13th

  1. I can already hear the other mother’s complaining that they have to compete with the Heiselt children on the Halloween parade. You two make an awesome team!

  2. You two are giants! In a very gifted way! Wowsers. It must be that brocolli, spinach, and cherrios you are eating. It is a good thing so that you make room for 3!

    You both are the best!

  3. Funny you should mention that, Carlos. That’s what everyone else thought, too. We must admit, Spirited Away did serve as partial inspiration for the costumes.

    We’ve already got some great ideas for little people costumes. It’s going to be awesome.

    And thanks, Anonymous, we think you are swell, too. Of course, it would help to know which Anonymous this is, as we know so many.

  4. Umm, yeah, these are pretty much awesome. Good work, Micah. I think the masks look very mysterious. And Liz, Adrian likes your “big hit” comment. it even made him chuckle…good work. :)

    Still figuring out what to wear for our halloween party on wednesday…

  5. So . . . what exactly are you guys? I’ve never seen Spirited Away, so the nearest thing I can guess is caterpillars. I haven’t the foggiest what you are but I think it looks awesome. I like the scale difference between the girl with the basket and the one with the white face too. Who’s who, by the way?

  6. So, to be perfectly honest we don’t know what we are either. I have been asking myself what we are going to tell the judges when we win all of the costume contests on the island. The original idea came from here:

    After that I just did some research into traditional & tribal masks to get some ideas and then drew what I think would look cool.

    If you have any ideas as to what we should call them please let us know.

    As far as who is who, I think it is fairly obvious that Liz is the girl one and I am the boy one.

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