I will go down in history as the girl who cannot boil an egg.

I will go down in history as the girl who cannot boil an egg.

So, we’re having this Friday the 13th party tonight, and I’m going to make some scary food for the potluck portion. I decide to do deviled eggs with green olives on them because it’s like an eyeball, so it is scary, right? Well, it turns out that what is really scary about the whole situation is that I have discovered that I cannot boil an egg. I’m not going to lie to you, I spent an embarrassing amount of time carefully following this Julia Child recipe for the perfect boiled egg. I was afraid I had overcooked them, even. I allowed them, I thought, to get to the “just boiling” point. I let them sit in the pot, covered, for exactly seventeen minutes, just like it said. I moved them to ice cold water and let them sit for two minutes more while I brought the water back to boiling. I put the eggs back in for ten seconds (or as close as I could come) and was once again afraid of overcooking them. I let them sit in the chilled water for another 20 minutes. And then I choose one to peel. I crack it. It doesn’t crack well. It is, n fact, mushy.

It turns out, I did not, in fact, overcook the eggs at all. I have a wonderful picture to illustrate my humiliating discovery that I am probably the only person in the world who cannot properly hardboil an egg, but once again Blogger isn’t cooperating with my pictures. We’ll figure it out later.

Okay: I believe if you can see the long rectangle above this post, and you click on it, you will get to see the lovely picture of my “hard”boiled egg resting on top of a pile of potato peelings.

4 thoughts on “I will go down in history as the girl who cannot boil an egg.

  1. Well . . . um . . . okay, Liz, that’s just sad. I can boil an egg better than you, and that’s just sad. I wonder if the humidity in Hawaii has anything to do with it? Maybe the chickens over there are especially resilient to being boiled.

  2. Liz,
    I was thinking of jazzing up our Halloween menu with something ghoulishly different. Deviled eye-balls sound like the perfect solution. As I was reading your account, I was thinking, “They’re going to be black around the rims, I just know it.” When you said they were under cooked, I could’t believe it. I personally prefer the taste of runny ones to overcooked. Hopefully your guests agreed. What did you call the dish? Pus Over Easy? or perhaps Phlegm au Gratin? Was the party a total success? What did you wear? I’m amazed that you were willing to take this on in the midst of your moving. Ah, to be young and full of energy!

  3. Yes, the picture is disgusting. But do you want to know what is even more disgusting? We didn’t even use the eggs. I did get them to hard boil, but then we had to finish our costumes, and between that and the mashed potato eyeballs, there was no time for deviled eggs. The eggs did come in handy for egg salad sandwiches for after the primary program, however, as well as for some of the starving students that couldn’t get food because of the earthquake. Anyway, more on the party and the earthquake coming up. I’m going to post some pictures of our costumes (which turned out awesome, by the way).

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