Making a Move

Making a Move

Just wanted to let all you all know that we will be moving to Laie next week (beginning Oct. 12). We’ve been looking for a new apartment since June when we found out our rent was being raised, but nothing has worked out until now. We checked out the apartment last Friday and received word last night that we are the chosen tenants. Happy day.

The apartment is a one bedroom with a full kitchen (hooray!). We are really excited about it (except for the part about having to pack up all of our stuff, drive three miles, and then unpack it . . . and the part about having to buy dishes and stuff). It is right next to the grocery store, and just down the street from the temple, the church, and work, so we can walk EVERYWHERE! We’re going to be so fit.

We’ll post some pictures of the apartment when we get moved in.

8 thoughts on “Making a Move

  1. Hi Guys,

    That’s awesome you found a new apartment!! Please call me and let me know if I can help move some stuff. 😉


  2. You didn’t know because we just found out on Monday. And I posted it on our blog instead of sending an email because that is why we have a blog–so we don’t have to send out emails telling people what we are up to every week. We can post all sorts of fun stuff on our blog that wouldn’t be so fun in a long weekly email and all of our friends and family can read it and comment on it. I’m still waiting for the fam to catch on to the blog thing.

  3. I’m sorry Liz about the fam not blogging very often, but at least you can always count on me to make some crazy comment! :)

  4. Wow! Thats cool that you found a place with a full kitchen! Way to go! :) Let us know if you need help witht he moving process. We can always bring loads over with our car or something too!

  5. Congratulations! I especially like the “full kitchen” part. That was the first thing I looked for when we were house hunting. I think buying dishes sounds like fun. I love earth tones so I’m voting for a pattern with spice and sage green in it. What are the colors, by the way? I’m impressed with the number of volunteers who have offered to help with the move. It appears your social capital is pretty substantial. Best of luck in accomplishing a smooth and accident-free move.

  6. White. It’s all painted white, except the stairs are blue. And the carpet is beige. We’re going to have to spruce it up a bit.

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