LOST on Vacation

LOST on Vacation

In the entire time we have lived on Oahu, I have never really seen them filming LOST, our tv show of choice. Micah has seen them once or twice. I’m pretty sure I did see Dominic Monaghan and Evangeline Lilly driving down the road one time when we were running, but maybe not. Then my sister Abby comes to visit us and she says, “I don’t care what we do, I just want to see the set of LOST.” Of course, LOST is filmed all over the island, so it is hard to pin down. It seems, however, that they decided to make a special effort to be noticed just for Abby. As we were driving down to the airport to pick her up, there was a policeman standing by the side of the highway. On the other side of the road was a flashing barricade that said “LOST” on it with an arrow. I looked in the direction the arrow was pointing, and what did I see? Mr. Ecko, hacking through the jungle in his dirty, tattered shirt. A little bit farther down the road we came across a bunch of trucks, trailers, etc. parked in a field, with signs pointing to where the “Cast & Crew” should enter. I think Abby almost started crying when I told her what we’d seen on the way down. And then, she just about died of a heart attack as we were driving by on the way home (we even had to stop where the police officer was so our car wouldn’t make any noise in the scene!!). We were practically on the set of LOST, and she hadn’t even been on the island for an hour.

We’ve had a good time discussing theories and pointing out various LOST landmarks as we’ve travelled around today. Hopefully Abby will get her fill of LOST before her mission . . . sadly, she will be leaving before the Season 3 premier is played at Sunset on the Beach at Waikiki Sept. 30th (that’s 4 days before it airs on tv, just for the record). Then again . . . all that star power in one place? She may have exploded. Like Arzt.

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  1. Really now, I know you have another post up and coming, and yet it is not here. Why is that?
    PS I had super great times with you guys!

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