Traditionally Speaking

Traditionally Speaking

We’re getting a little bit excited about General Conference over here.

We’ve recently discovered the archives on the BYU Speeches website and have loved letting speeches play while we make dinner (Elder Holland’s speeches–when he was President Holland–are my favorite). On Sunday we were spoiled to have Elder Antony Perkins and Elder Russell M. Nelson over to our very own Honolulu Tabernacle for a temple-workers fireside. And today at work Kareena and I were sharing favorite Conference weekend traditions. Her family has cornbread that comes out of the oven at 10:00 Saturday morning, which they eat while they watch the first session. It’s a little different out here since we have to get up before 6:00am to watch it live, but we try to find ways to make it exciting. Last October we had Chad, Melissa, Steve, and Carrie over for a delicious breakfast of French toast, Eggo waffles, and buttermilk syrup. I don’t know if we’ll have guests over this time, but we do know we are going to take a leaf out of Lizzie and Alan’s book and look to Williams-Sonoma for our next stab at a Conference morning excitement (and the accompanying sugar high that will keep us up for two hours). They make a Williams-Sonoma recipe breakfast cake (a different kind for April or October), but we are looking at the cinnamon rolls Lizzie made for us while we were in Alaska. Micah is a sucker for a good orange roll (make that any orange roll), so we may have to do some alterations.

How about all y’all? Do you have favorite Conference traditions? They don’t have to be food related, of course. I just want to know how you make Conference weekend special. We’re always on the lookout for tradition ideas to test out.

4 thoughts on “Traditionally Speaking

  1. Oh no! I didn’t realize we have to get up at 6 a.m. to watch it! I love Hawaii and all, but that is EARLY!!! Can I sleep over so I can roll out of bed and hit the couch?(And then possibly hit up the cinnamon rolls???)

  2. I recall going to the bookbinding room and listening to conference on the radio while gluing, cutting and pressing. What better way to feel the spirit? I think I’m going to be binding on the living room floor this year while streaming conference via Al Gore’s convenient truth.

  3. Whenever I’m with my parents for conference, it’s all about the food. Some kind of muffins or something for breakfast over first Saturday session in our jammies, fancy snack foods all day (spinach dip is a must), barbecue for dinner.

    Nowadays Conan and I just try to make it to the church for ONE session. Whichever session we don’t care about missing. (ha ha ha) For me, it doesn’t much feel like a religious celebration unless I’m in my Sunday Best. So for me, that’s my tradition. A comfortable, but Sunday-worthy dress. It’s pretty much been the same blue one with pink flowers for the past 10+ years, actually. One of these days I’ll have to get a new one.

    If Micah likes orange rolls, try the recipe in the recipebook. They are seriously good. Like, rivaling-Provo-Bakery, good.

    Happy Conferencing!

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