Happy Campers

Happy Campers

Did you know that the Big Island has feral cats? We didn’t either until we started setting up our tent at Mahukona Beach Park on Friday night. There seemed to be quite a few rather large housecats roaming around and it didn’t take too long before we realized they didn’t belong to anyone (sorry, no pictures). We saw lots of them dead on the road as well, which was really kind of sad because they look so much like somebody’s pet. In fact, the next night at Whittington Beach Park, there was a lady there feeding some of them and they seemed to be almost trained.

Besides feral cats, the Big Island has a lot of loud people who like to camp. We had a devil of a time finding a beach park that wasn’t booked for the weekend. Fortunately, we were still able to find a somewhat flat spot to pitch our tent. Unfortunately, it was kind of hard and rocky ground. And maybe it wasn’t totally flat.Which meant that sleep was hard to find and even harder to keep ahold of. Kareena claims she tossed and turned all night, but I’m pretty sure with the amount of waking up I was doing, I would have noticed. Micah also says he didn’t sleep at all, but every time I looked over at him he seemed to be passed out. Of course, the two of them said the same thing about me, so we must have alternated being awake every ten minutes or so.

It was good preparation for the next night, though, as we were all pretty wasted by the time the drunk guys at Whittington finally turned off their music and we turned off the flashlight and stopped playing cards (Kareena is now a pro at the Loser game). We slept like rocks. Kareena and Micah woke up before I did and then got way too much enjoyment out of watching my eyes move as I dreamt. (For the record, my eyes are usually opened a crack when I sleep. Throughout my dream I kept seeing Micah, wearing black, watching me. When I woke up, I found out why. He was watching me and he was wearing black. I must have seen him through my open lids as my eyes were moving around. But I digress.)

On Sunday before we went to church, we went down to Ka Lae (South Point), the southern most point of the US of A and went on a little walk to the Green Sand beach. We actually didn’t make it all the way to the beach, but we found a few pockets of green sand that were good enough for us. We had to get back for church and to actually get down to the beach, you have to climb down a cliff, which was more than we wanted to do. But the sand sure was neat anyway.

5 thoughts on “Happy Campers

  1. That is some crazy sand. And for some reason when I think of camping spots, Hawaii isn’t the first place that comes to mind. I guess I’m wrong.

  2. No, you’re right Sar. I would have done a post about Hawaiian style camping if we’d been at ward camp this year. It’s like camping in your living room, only you bring your living room to the beach. No joke. Sofas, tvs, mini-fridges. You name it, they bring it. And they are close enough to home that they could walk there if they didn’t bring so much stuff. It’s hilarious, and they know it.

  3. Wild! What on earth makes the sand green like that? If you ever get back there before you leave Hawaii, could you save me some of that crazy green sand? If you’re allowed to, that is.

  4. We sure will. It’s green because of some mineral that is found in volcanic rock, although I don’t really know why there is only one beach like this in all of Hawaii. It’s pretty neat, though.

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