Some Lessons are Hard to Learn

Some Lessons are Hard to Learn

So, I remember when I was young and my older sister was leaving for college or someplace else requiring the use of an aeroplane. Her flight left very early in the morning and us chillins all rolled out of bed, changed out of our onesies and climbed into the car. Upon arrival at the Columbus International Airport we found, to everyone’s amusement, that I had forgotten my shoes. After getting their fair share of laughs in somebody decided that the only thing to do was dig into my sister’s luggage and grab me a pair of socks to wear. This plan worked great, though I must admit to feeling a bit silly walking through the terminal wearing *pink socks with sequins. At least I wasn’t still wearing my onesy.

Okay. Fast forward a bunch of years. I am now 27 years old. I wear shorts and a t-shirt to bed. I live nowhere near the Columbus Airport. And yet I still woke up really early and I still forgot my shoes. And those people in my life who are supposed to support me and help in times of trial just laughed and laughed. This time, though, I opted out of the socks and went barefoot all day just to spite ’em.

*In all reality the socks where probably just plain white, but because it’s my fuzzy memory I will clear it up however I like.

5 thoughts on “Some Lessons are Hard to Learn

  1. I hadn’t remembered that trip to the airport for a long time! Thanks for the laugh! Yes, I”m sure they were white socks but I like the your approach to ‘creating history’. I’ll have to use it the next time this old brain comes up short on details. — So where were you going when you forgot your shoes this time?

  2. We were going to work . . . but before that we were going swimming, so he didn’t really need his shoes for that, but he did walk around the office bare foot all day long. Silly Micah.

  3. I have nightmares about forgetting to put my shoes on when I go to school. Of course, to comfort myself I think that, if I ever did step outside without my shoes, I would notice and then be able to go back and get my shoes. After reading this, I’m wondering if it really could happen to me. :)

  4. this surprises me not at all, knowing your barefooted habits. as long as you washed your feet before you went to bed…

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