(no) Sew Fun!

(no) Sew Fun!

Some of you know that Liz has a fetish for t-shirts. But of course all of the “fun” t-shirts are too big or just look like . . . t-shirts. So Liz has taken to altering her t-shirts so they look like they were made for her. This was all fine and good when she had access to a sewing machine, but times changed and she has been without a machine for many, many months. Fortunately, she is married to Micah, a wonderful man who likes to learn how to build stuff and is always using the internet to find things to do with his hands. He recently stumbled upon a site that teaches you how to do all sorts of things, including alter a t-shirt without a sewing machine. Micah also has access to free t-shirts, upon which Liz can experiment. Here is her latest effort.

It didn’t cost a dime and only took half an hour. She realized, just as she was finishing, that she was probably supposed to tie the knots on the inside of the shirt, but it is kind of fun this way, too.

6 thoughts on “(no) Sew Fun!

  1. Liz and Micah! I love it! You are going to start the newest trend! I seriously think it is so ingenious! Watch out T-Shirts! Here I come!

  2. I think it looks good with the knots on the outside. I may have to learn me how to do that. (Me fail English? That’s unpossible!)

  3. It looks alright. I like it, but that’s about it. Oops sorry u made that Liz? wow that’s amazing I thought it was Micahs’..never mind..good job.

  4. I like the part about “not costing a time and only taking a half an hour.” This definitely a style to be persuing!

  5. Yeah! I love the instructables!

    You probably already know about these, in case you don’t you need to check out make magazine (and it’s blog) as well as their up-and-coming new mag: CRAFT.

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