When You’re Helping You’re Happy

When You’re Helping You’re Happy

It’s been over a year and a half since we moved into our ward and we thought we had dodged the you-are-new-so-you-get-to-speak-in-church bullet. Apparently not. After setting us apart in our callings last Sunday (me as the CTR 5 teacher, Micah as the Young Men’s Secretary–don’t worry, he’s only been serving in his calling for a year) Brother Alo said, “And now let me give you the good news.” He then asked us how long we had been in the ward. “About eighteen months,” we said. “Have you spoken in Sacrament meeting yet?” he asked. We began to get the feeling that this wasn’t good news at all. But we agreed to it anyway.

Our topics are obedience and discernment. We are asking for your help and suggestions. Any favorite scriptures, stories, conference talks, insights, et cetera would be appreciated. Feel free to shoot us an email as well as post comments here.

2 thoughts on “When You’re Helping You’re Happy

  1. You can NEVER escape the you-just-moved-in-so-you-get-to-speak talk! BWAHAHAHA, and good luck with that.

  2. Congratulations on getting your turn at the pulpit. I always like it when the speakers tell a little about themselves, so I hope you take the time to do that. The topics sound very good. Aunt Elizabeth told me that the single biggest challenge facing missionaries today is Obedience. You have always been a very obedient little girl, Lizzie. I can’t remember a time when you weren’t. As for discernmet, I remember when you suggested that we all do our separate laundry. I think you had discerned that a lot of socks were getting lost in the wash and you concluded that if everyone did their own washing, the chances of coming up with more pairs of matched stockings might be increased. Falling in love with Micah was another example of your gift of discernment. It didn’t take you long at all to figure out he was the right person for you.
    Good luck to both of you on your talks. I’m sure they will be terrific.

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