We're going to get warts.

We're going to get warts.

We have been making a concerted effort to attend ward activities as of late (something we have not done as frequently as we should, probably, because we inevitably left feeling as though nobody knew what to say to us) and today we were given the opportunity to make up for our absence at ward camp in June (which was held at a beach park less than a mile from our house) by going to the Elders Quorum Activity. I was sure we had other plans, but I couldn’t think of what they were quickly enough. So, at a little after 6:00 we pulled into the parking lot at Hauula Elementary and reluctantly got out of the car. Of course, one of the main draws was the free meal, so before we made our way over to the baseball diamond where all of the action was, we stopped by the dinner table. Much to our relief, there was no kalua pork or macaroni salad in sight. (No plate lunches for us! No sir!) Just some big pots of chili and some rice, of course, and a few pans of corn bread as well. Having determined that the food was edible, we decided to work up an appetite and exhibit our mad softball skills in the process.

Micah was fortunate enough to be the batter with two outs and the bases loaded. I don’t think I was the only one who was not at all surprised by the grand slam that he was responsible for. After he kindly cleared the stage, I surprised everyone by getting a hit on the first pitch and making it all the way to first. Unfortunately, the next girl to hit got out and Micah and I were sent to the outfield to watch the 3 1/2 foot tall deacon work his magic on first base and get three outs before anybody even hit a ball into the outfield. Our next time up at bat was not quite as glorious. It took me two strikes and a ball before I got a hit, which got me to first, and Micah hit another single right after. Micah’s hit was followed by another single, and then we got to run home on the second beautifully executed grand slam of the evening. We felt we had made our contribution to the game and decided it was time for the grub.

But, as always, the real fun began after everyone was done eating and the softball games had gotten stale. All of the Primary aged children had been playing on the basketball courts so they wouldn’t get in the way of the softball game and they could be easily supervised. Micah and I had been at the softball field and were about to leave when we saw little things jumping in the grass. Upon closer inspection, we found little tiny toads. “The kids’ll love these!” we thought, so we caught a few and took them over to the basketball court, only to find all of the three, four, and five-year olds running around with a grown toad in each hand. Didn’t we feel silly. We showed them to the younger kids and they seemed pretty impressed, especially when they jumped out of our hands. The kids were stomping all over the place trying to find them. (Note to parents: Check your children’s slippers (flip-flops) for small toads before letting them get into the car.) Even the little princess girls who are scared of their own shadows were squeezing their little friends as tight as they could so they wouldn’t get away. One of them was kind enough to let us hold one of her precious toads for a minute (which we let go, and which she promptly re-caught). It was really quite fun. Of course, we didn’t really think we would have such a great time, so we didn’t bring our camera (I don’t know if we’ll ever get to the point where we carry around our camera as if it was our keys). Sorry! No pictures.

But my favorite part of the night was when we were walking to our car and one of the kids chased us down and told us we had to go wash our hands if we’d been touching the toads. Why? you ask (not that it is a bad idea . . .)? We’ll get warts, duh. Everyone knows that.

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