We just have to ask . . . .

We just have to ask . . . .

Does anybody actually pay full price for these things?

Do the good people at Foodland feel bad for ripping off all of their friends and neighbors?

Doesn’t it seem like they should be practically giving these things away?

We’re just curious.

6 thoughts on “We just have to ask . . . .

  1. All i have to say is YIKES!! $8 for Cheerios?? $7 for milk?? Let me guess…you guys don’t eat cold cereal that often, do you?

  2. Actually, this is why having a Costco membership is just as important as having a library card . . . or a big can of bug spray . . . or ceiling fans. You really just can’t get along without one.

  3. Hey, wait a minute… don’t they grow bananas all over that island? What’s that all about.

    But the refried beans… man, I have to say, they’re about the same regular price out here… Still haven’t figured out why that is. I sure miss buying beans for 29 cents a can out in Utah & California! I’m sure you guys are looking forward to paying normal prices on food in a year!

  4. Funny about the bananas, eh? You drive down the road and see banana farms, but all of the bananas in the store (as well as a lot of the other tropical fruit–papayas and mangos, etc.) come from South America.

  5. I really just don’t get it. I don’t. If there was any time to kick my nasty old habit of eating so much, it would be smart to do it out here on this island…

  6. Wowsers…it must seem that you have a hole in your wallet quite often! I have been trying to find the hole in mine for quite sometime now though I am convinced it is there. Where else could the money go?

    So…I had to think about how funny it is that you pay quite a bit for bananas when that is where alot of the bananas are farmed. Funny thing is that is what happens in NZ too…but with Kiwi Fruit. But here is a secret that you may want to get in on…read with intent…
    If you go to the banana farms and ask them if they have any reject fruit that you can take home to make banana bread or something…they will probably guide you to a box where you can find some very very good fruit! We do that at the Kiwifruit farms in our hometown and we carry bags of it home at a time – and give them away as gifts when visiting friends and members. Just an idea. By the way, the fruit isn’t bad – they just might not be the right size.

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