You aren’t going to believe this, but we actually have three friends on the island. This is roughly 50% more than the last time you checked. Her name is Kareena and she has been here for almost three months. She is one of the very few who, like us, does not have any family on the island, and since she reminds me of my sister Becca, we have adopted her and she has adopted us. It is a nice arrangement.Besides being loads of fun, super nice, and probably the cutest girl on campus, Kareena is a master theme date planner. The two of us have been planning to do monthly theme dates, and last night was the first of a series. We had a great time pulling off our Charade Night. Our inspiration was the 1963 Audrey Hepburn/Cary Grant film “Charade” (which happens to be a Blackhurst family favorite). The film takes place in France, so for dinner we made delicious crepes. Neither of us had ever made dinner crepes before, and it was quite an adventure. Everyone helped chop, mix, and cook our carefully selected ingredients, chosen for their complementary tastes and colors. Actually, we pretty much just threw a bunch of things that sounded good together and sauted them in a pot. But can you really go wrong with chicken, mushrooms, onions, broccoli, and olives? We didn’t think so either. They were quite delicious with the white sauce we whipped up. Our tastebuds couldn’t seem to get enough, but our stomachs were calling out for mercy. And the best part was still to come. We decided to make room for dessert by playing a rousing game of charades. As you can see, it was quite exciting. I don’t know which was most entertaining: Micah trying to act out “oral surgery,” Kareena’s schtick as a “flying monkey,” Cooper puzzling over how to get us to guess “Cary Grant,” or me trying to be “Paris.” After quite a few rounds of fun and frustration (“Two words, one syllable? Or second word?” “Sounds like hair? Mare, ware, fair, stare, lair, chair, tear, dare, nair, care . . .”) dessert sounded fantastic. I don’t know if it can get much better–or more beautiful–than crepes with strawberries, bananas, two kinds of pudding, freshly whipped cream, and a little unintentional sprinkling of sugar. Makes you wish you were here, eh? We ate dessert and watched “Charade” and had everyone home by curfew.

6 thoughts on “Charade

  1. Liz, I love the blog! And all of you out there reading and seeing the good food-it was REALLY DELICIOUS!!! Better than it looks!(Although it looks super amazing anyway….) Liz and Micah, thanks for the fun!!! We will do it again…I am not sure how I feel about the quote describing me: “Besides being loads of fun, super nice, and probably the cutest girl on campus” (Remember how many guys turned me down before one said yes….)but I will agree that I do like to plan some fun theme nights-it wouldn’t have been possible without you! Mahalo!

  2. I was reading this again and wondering what flying monkeys and oral surgery had to do with the movie Charade. How did you choose what you acted out?

    Speaking of oral surgery, I get my wisdom teeth out next week and I’m glad Micah isn’t performing the surgery! haha!

    p.s. no offense to Micah, but boy does he look skinny in that picture…how do those Heiselt men do it? :)

  3. But Micah’s hands are so steady! I’m sure he could do just as well as any real oral surgeon.

    As for the charades, we (Micah and I) went through our Apples to Apples game and picked out some of the cards we thought would be good (challenging, but not impossible). When we came across any that were tied to “Charade” we put it in just for kicks. I didn’t realize that half the examples I picked were “Charade” related.

    We hope you enjoy your wisdom teeth extraction. I’ll be sure to give you a call to see how you’re doing . . . .

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