Kids Say the Darndest Things

Kids Say the Darndest Things

All things considered, I felt the day was successful. Yes, the Nursery door was locked when we got there and we were left out in the cold for five or so minutes. Yes, the other two Nursery leaders were gone and I was in charge. Yes, the last people to use the Nursery left blocks and toys and crayons and paper everywhere. And yes, we had 12 kids (which is actually fairly normal for our ward). There was plenty of help (2 mothers, a Primary Presidency member, and Micah), and because Sacrament meeting went 15 minutes over, we only had 5 minutes left at the end of church rather than 15 like we normally do. The kids actually listened as we read stories. They tried to sing to the songs, and when I hid the pictures behind my back and asked them to sit down, they did. Even the chronic criers didn’t cry. Lucky me! We made it through an hour and a half of flirting with chaos . . . and then we got to the lesson. We were talking about families, and we were to the part about how babies need a lot of help and how we (the 2 year olds) can “help” them (reminds me of an event of my childhood I have been told about–something about, “Mommy, Mommy, look! I’m a big girl now!” as I am holding infant Abby by only her head.) My favorite little hyperactive, pushing, biting, kicking boy was telling us about his little brother. “Sometimes he ruins my train tracks,” he says, and I, thinking this is a perfect opportunity to teach about being patient and sharing say, “And what do you do when he ruins your train tracks?” And he says, “I spank him a lot and I hit him.” Hmmmmm. I should have seen that coming. At least I know he was listening during the honesty lesson.

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  1. His little brother is going to spank and hit back one day, just you wait. Oh, and I’m confused about your church schedule. Is Sacrament meeting first? Oh! So you take care of the kids for sunday school and the other meeting. Is that correct? I agree, kids are great for being honest.

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