It’s going . . . going . . . almost gone.

It’s going . . . going . . . almost gone.

The poor little things. They tried so hard. Through the forty (or fifty, or sixty) days of rain, the suffocating humidity, the parching heat, the bugs, and the birds they kept on struggling. And they did admirably. We got two red peppers, two (tiny) sprouts of broccoli (the stalks were at least two feet tall, so I don’t know how they managed to produce heads that were less than two inches in diameter), a few leaves of lettuce, plenty of cilantro and basil, and quite a few delicious tomatoes (just ask the birds who ate them).

It was unfortunate that our garden was just coming to fruition as we were at the height of our marathon training, fundraising, and preparations for Alaska. We may have neglected them. And so it was with sadness that I plucked out the remains of the broccoli and peppers (the lettuce, cilantro, basil, and peas were gone long ago) and watered the pathetic remains of the tomato tree. We have saved a few of the tomatoes from being eaten by the birds and bugs, and there are still a few more ripening on the vine. We should have an empty box in a week or two. And then maybe we’ll start again.

4 thoughts on “It’s going . . . going . . . almost gone.

  1. I love how the one on the left has all this color in it (the blue in the blinds, the brown on the wall, even the white trim seems to have a special crispness to it), and the one on the right has practically no color in it (you can’t see the green under the box, the blinds are kind of gray, and even the white trim seems less vibrant). I definitely like the contrast, whether on purpose or not.

  2. Liz,

    So…I just had to comment on the dead plants…it reminded me of the poor pets in our BYU Kindergarten classroom. Jodie could tell you about that. Then again…I’d rather forget. I still feel horrible about that. All I can say is that my student teachers had a responsibility too…okay…so I feel really bad! It looked like you had a good thing going there with the garden though. Wow. Well done!

  3. It was a bearded dragon of some sort, and we ended up putting him in a shoebox and burrying him under a bush in the snow up near the “Y”. Haha!

    I am srry that your little ones didn’t last very long…but they gave it their all and you should be very proud.

    Can’t wait to see what your next batch of vegetables produce!

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