Baby Beluga was so thirsty.

Baby Beluga was so thirsty.

Our little Baby Beluga (her name was inspired by our trip to Alaska, for those of you who are wondering) got so thirsty on our way down to Costco today. In fact, neither of us had ever seen a car get so darn thirsty in our entire lives. We were about halfway between Hauula and Haleiwa when we first noticed it. Luckily, she was able to get almost the whole way to Haleiwa before she started complaining. And even then it was probably only because we were stuck in traffic and she could see the gas station. It was so close, and yet so far away. So as we were sitting there waiting for the parade to get a move on, she dehydrated. And at that exact moment, of course, traffic started up again. Micah was able to push her out of the way, and we started her up just long enough to verify that she had indeed used her last drop. But the church is true, and the gas station was just across the road. And the traffic was backed up because they were only letting one lane over the bridge at a time, which meant that we didn’t even have to fight cross traffic. It was less than a minute that Baby Beluga was suffering. She is all better now, and she behaved admirably towards us the rest of the trip, despite the fact that we forgot to feed her until it was a dire situation.

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  1. This is actually the first picture I’ve seen of your car. For some reason I thought it was white. If I had known what it looked like, I could have come up with better names. Actually, I don’t know what I put down, but I think Baby Beluga is just fine. Except that the one that Jarom came up with, the flying antelope or something, could probably have been tweaked a bit to accomodate your Beluga. Anyway, I guess trips to Alaska change lives.

  2. Sorry about that. And I hate to break it to you all, but she doesn’t look quite so good in real life. This picture was taken when we first got her, and since then her paint has started to peel really terribly. There are flecks of Baby Beluga all over the island, I’m pretty sure, because the paint goes flaking off as we drive around. It’s kind of unfortunate.

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