A Tribute

A Tribute

We have been crazy busy, tired, and sick this week–hence, a few blog worthy events have had to be put on hold. But before this news becomes obsolete, I want to post it.

Some of our first, best, and truest friends have left us for the mainland. Elder & Sister Phillips got here the day before we did and quickly became our surrogate parents (they are actually younger than our own parents) and snorkel buddies. My first memory of them is of them asking why we didn’t make it to the senior missionary couple FHE the first Monday we were here. (It was because we’re not a senior missionary couple–although I can see how they could think we were.) Besides taking us out to dinner every once in a while, they provided hours of entertainment telling us about their adventures as police officers and dog trainers. And speaking of dogs, I will say that if we were to give you an image of the Phillips that best portrays their relationship, it would be that of the big, strong, silent dog next to the hyper-active, bouncy, barky little dog. They make a great pair.

They were the only senior missionary couple to show up at our Vampire Party, and Sister Phillips was the last to be found in the vampire game we played. They were also kind enough to grace us with their presence on Christmas, and to provide the entertainment: a treasured recording of someone prank calling a bunch of businesses trying to find things to give their true love for Christmas (” . . . two turtledoves and a partridge in a pear tree.”). As a side note, it was distributed by Bonneville Communications, which we found almost as amusing as listening to an hour’s worth of prank calls over French onion soup and buche de Noel on a hot a humid December day.

They flew away Tuesday to go back home to Montana, their dog, and big open spaces. They were kind enough to leave us a wonderfully comfortable rocking swivel chair and a 4-inch memory foam mattress pad, both of which are already being put to good use. They’re not dead, but I sure do feel like I’m eulogizing them.

We will miss them.

2 thoughts on “A Tribute

  1. It’s good that you guys had people watching over you. I also LOVE that picture. It’s like you could cut it in half and it would be 2 completely different pictures. The bright, happy, full, colorful couple on one side, and the monochromatic, serious, starved-looking, slightly scary couple on the other. Like mom said, it’s the New Era on one side and Vogue Halloween models on the other.

  2. Isn’t it though? We thought it was kind of nice. And it really worked out well to have that tree behind the Phillips so that Micah and I look even more disembodied. Too bad we don’t have people watching over us any more . . . :(

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