Which free shirt would you pay $15 for?

Which free shirt would you pay $15 for?

As part of our seemingly endless quest to raise absurd amounts of money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society we have been planning a 5K fun run. The run is called Laie Days 5K Charity Fun Run and is bound to be a good time. We have been doing some major negotiating and have had posters printed for free, prizes donated, a website made (by micah) and t-shirts funded. This will allow all of the registration fees to go directly to the charity, which is kind of excting if you ask us. So now we are designing the shirt and we need your help. We want these shirts to be really super mega awesome cool so people will wear them all of the time and everybody who didn’t run the race will be sad and people who didn’t know about the race will be like, “Hey! That’s a super mega awesome cool shirt! Where did you get that!?” And then we can sell the ones we didn’t give away for exorbitant prices and make even more money!! Bwahahaha!

So, here are the rules: We have come up with 3 similar, but different, designs. Look over them (click on the designs to see them bigger) and in the comments area let us know which shirt you would rather wear and why. Also, keep in mind that the color might change so don’t worry about that for the time being. Ready….Go.



10 thoughts on “Which free shirt would you pay $15 for?

  1. I always have issues when I try posting to your blog…I’m not sure why. So here I am trying again…

    My vote is for shirt #1. I like the back the best of the 3 because the writing is low and asymmetrical…I think it looks neat. I think the flower on #2 doesn’t go well with the palm tree (too different maybe?) and I like having the title of what it is on the front of the shirt. That’s my opinion. Where can I get me one…?

  2. My vote is for number two. I like the flower. I also think its good to have the title on the front. You might do the front of one with the back of two. If you did that You could just remove the brown writing on the back.

  3. I like the front of shirt #1 and the back of shirt #3. I think having the name of the run on both sides of the t-shirt is a good thing.

  4. Um, I just wrote this huge long explanation of why I liked number 2, but I don’t know what happened, so I’ll sum up. I like it because the palm tree is more centered (thinking about how it would look on people) and it has the name on the front, which I like. I like the back, but agree with Jodie that the flower is a little different. Maybe you could change it to a pair of running shoes, or of a figure running (even a stick figure), or maybe the palm tree again, only smaller. I think it’s a great idea, and wish you guys the best of luck (also, can you ship them out to Utah?).

  5. The shirts are free for everybody who donates $15 or more to the fund (see link on left side of blog). We would be happy to mail them out. For you who already donated please let us know your shirt size.

  6. I like shirt #2. I like the flower on the back as is. Initially I preferred shirt #1, but I agree this one really will look better ON because the palm tree is more centered. I like that “Laie Days” is pretty prominent. I’ll buy one off ya at your ludicrous prices plus shipping & handling! 😉 Though… it’s really not fair that I should get such a cool shirt since I didn’t go through all the running fun part…

  7. Getting T-shirts without having to work for them is the greatest! (i.e. Freedom Run shirts ring a bell?)

    I’m curious as to which shirts you and Micah like best…

  8. We’ve decided to go with Shirt #1. It was a tough decision, but we decided #1 had the vintage/retro feeling we were going for more than the others. In all of the polling we did, it was pretty evenly split, so we figured it wasn’t going to make anybody cry if we didn’t do the one they liked best.

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