Ku’u Aloha O Elikapeka

Ku’u Aloha O Elikapeka

This wasn’t supposed to be a brag blog, but look at what Micah did for me! He designed this Hawaiian quilt pattern, had it made into a wall-hanging by one of the sister missionaries (hours and hours of labor, as it is hand-stitched), and had it named after me. So, when you come to the Polynesian Cultural Center, you can buy this pattern and make a quilt out of it. It is called Ku’u Aloha O Elikapeka, which means “With the Love of Elizabeth.” Isn’t that the sweetest thing you have ever heard?

6 thoughts on “Ku’u Aloha O Elikapeka

  1. Micah,
    You are really racking up points with your mother-in-law! This is the perfect example of what I was thinking men do for women. They are the Atlas’s who hold the world up on their shoulders. The world is the women and children, who are carried into beautiful places of safety and peace by the power of the priesthood. This pattern reminds me of the alter cloth of the Tree of Life which symbolizes eternal love. The green ripples going out suggests the power of that love, which is as far reaching as the waves of the ocean. What a beautiful symbol of both of you.
    Mom B

  2. Wow, seriously Micah, you definitely get . . . hmmm . . somehow brownie points don’t seem enough. Maybe ice-cream points? I don’t know, but that is seriously cool. I hope I find a husband who will do something like that.

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