7 thoughts on “First Tomato

  1. Maybe we should adopt Mr. Swift’s “Proposal” and then growing tomatoes would be exactly like having kids. 😉

  2. That put a rather disturbing image in my mind. Eating your own kids? Makes me not want to eat tomatoes anymore. Oh, and who is Mr. Swift, and what did he propose?

  3. Jonathan Swift wrote “A Modest Proposal.” You’ll read it next year in Mrs. Drake’s class when you study satire. He proposed that, in order to keep the population under control and to prevent the people living on the streets from starving, they eat their own children. Kind of a killing of two birds with one stone idea. I don’t think it caught on.

  4. This reminds me of how Mom used to say we were so cute she could eat us. She doesn’t say that anymore. Take that last comment how you will. I take it to mean we are all ugly (sarcasm).

  5. Maybe it is because our flesh is too tough now that we have grown up. We’re not as soft as we used to be.

  6. So fun you’re tasting the fruits of your labor already! We finally just finished planting our little growboxes. Lots of tomato plants, some tiny tomato nubbies, but that’s about it.

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