See? Turtles!

See? Turtles!

We figured Memorial Day would be our only chance to get out to the beach and see some turtles, but we already had a full schedule (sleeping in until 8:00–which proved to be much more difficult than we originally anticipated), having a conference call with the Heiselt side of the family, and plastering the North Shore with posters for our 5K. And there were small distractions as well, such as getting Liz a new hat (she’s not very good at remembering to put on sunscreen every time she goes outside–and cancer is not on the list of skin conditions she wants to add to her collection), and waiting in line for a shave ice at Matsumoto’s. But as we were driving home to get ready for our run, we noticed a lot of people crowding around something on a beach. Sure enough–sea turtle! There were a few swimming around in the water (which is how we were hoping to see them), but we weren’t in our suits and we just had a minute anyway. But we got pictures, and that’s what really matters. Next time you better believe we’ll be riding around on their backs through the currents.

2 thoughts on “See? Turtles!

  1. Hooray!! I am so excited to hear that you finally saw one! Too bad we didn’t see one when we were there too. I hope you see more soon.

  2. Um, I’m kind of confused. I know wildlife is pretty cool, but what’s the big deal about something that looks like it should have died 25 years ago and moves slower than something that is dead?

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