Game On!

Game On!

We like to think we’re something special. Or, more accurately, that there is something special about our relationship. We thought maybe it has something to do with the fact that people confuse us as being siblings. But we don’t think that just because we both have brown hair and brown eyes we look like brother and sister. We were told recently that we have the same personality. Maybe that is it. But, then again, the person who told us that had met Micah approximately two minutes before. I do not think that her evaluation is entirely accurate. It has been suggested that it is because we are both fifth born in our families. I have nothing to refute such a suggestion.

However, we have another theory. We think it may have something to do with the fact that we are a pretty good Cranium team. Conan & Melissa gave us the game for Christmas, and since then we have pretty much wasted all of the other couples we have played. Of course, we have only played three other couples, but only one of them even made it to the second half of the board before we won. Our heads are getting a little bit big now and we are ready to be humbled. So, we would like to challenge all y’all to a game of Cranium next time we are under the same roof. We will play in teams (liz&micah vs. one other couple (a couple does not have to consist of married people–just two people)) and if we lose we will buy you ice cream. If we win, we get the satisfaction of knowing that we are the coolest.

5 thoughts on “Game On!

  1. been there, done that. not interested in doing it again…

    we weren’t even the couple that made it to the second half of the board…I hate that game…


  2. I don’t doubt that you are a formidable Cranium team, but don’t you think that playing the German version of the game might give you an unfare advantage against your English speaking opponents.

  3. Props go to Will for having such attention to detail that he noticed that the cranium box previously posted was in German. Oops. Truth be told, though, the last box did not look like our version anyway. We have the super fancy-schmacy cromed (alluminium) “Primo Edition” set. We didn’t want to show off anymore than we already were, but since we had to swap out the image anyway…

  4. Woot! I’m way psyched for your visit this Christmas! Cranium will be awesome, I love that game. And I hope I still love it after I’ve played it with you two. :)

  5. I dunno Liz & Micah… you might have to be dishing up some PRETTY big bowls o’ ice cream should you play against the Conan & Melissa team. There’s a reason we love that game… 😉

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