Too Kinds

Too Kinds

Micah once told me that he thought it would be the coolest thing if random people came up to him and handed him money. Back in the day when I imagined that I could make all of his wildest dreams come true, I decided that I would arrange for this to happen. Unfortunately, he was never around when my messengers came to deliver the goods, and he thought it was kind of weird to be getting money wrapped in PowerPuff Girls wrapping paper every few hours. I would have been better off drawing a picture of a liger. Or perhaps a corse (that is a cow/horse).

But Micah is such a wonderful, bright, young, fresh looking young man that he really doesn’t need any help from me to get random people’s cash. It has happened twice in the past eight months. The first time was when we went down to Waikiki for the Sunset at the Beach where they showed the Season 2 Premiere of LOST a week before everybody else in the US got to see it. We sat by a nice older couple who lived in a condo nearby. Micah was kind enough to run and get them a survey and had a nice chat with them (I was busy trying to keep my glasses dry . . .). While he was off submitting their surveys they slipped me a $10 and told me they were giving it to me because they knew that I would accept it on behalf of my husband and that I was to take him out to lunch sometime with it. I’m not sure what that was supposed to mean (the part about them knowing I would accept it), but I found myself unable to refuse. We had a delicious deli sandwich and some frozen lemon custard that was pretty much to die for.

Then, last Friday we went to the temple for our bi-weekly visit. It was a small session and we were, as usual, the witness couple. Back in the changing room after the session, a nice lady asked me how long we had been married, if we were students, and if we had any kids. I think all of my answers surprised her. But that didn’t stop her from confronting us as we were about to head out the door and giving Micah a $10 to go out for ice cream with. Our protests were in vain. I mean really, how do you argue with such things, especially in the temple. Sadly, we were unable to go out for ice cream that night, or the next night either. Then for FHE we decided to walk down to 7-11 and get a slurpee. We noticed a freezer full of Ben & Jerry’s next to the slurpee dispenser and the Neopolitan Dynamite practically jumped out in front of us. Since there isn’t a Cold Stone within 45 minutes, we decided this was the next best option.

You’d better believe I’m glad I married somebody so wonderful that people just can’t help but want to treat him to something delicious.

3 thoughts on “Too Kinds

  1. By golly you guys are the biggest winners ever. You a) get a picture of a corse, b) get to watch premeires early of great TV shows c)get money from people and d) find such crazy things as Neapolitan Dynamite ice cream. By golly again, to be someone like you guys is something I can only dream of.

  2. We lead a charmed life, it’s true. Except for last night when we hit about 47 out of 50 red lights on our way to and home from the running store and missed the first four minutes of the LOST season 2 finale . . .

  3. Oh, to only have people give me money. Of course, by reading between the lines it does appear as though one has to work for it. You know, be charming and accomodating. Oh well, I’m glad someone can pull it off.

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