The Man Has Skills

The Man Has Skills

I just have to brag about my husband’s mad design skills a bit. Last weekend was the 14th Annual World Fireknife Championships, hosted by the Polynesian Cultural Center. As the resident designer, Micah had the responsibility of designing the t-shirts. He and Ray came up with a plan to do a hip-and-trendy shirt that would get them out of the ring-of-fire-on-black-shirt rut that they have been in for a while now. Micah came up with this slightly more abstract design, which was promptly rejected by the head of retail, who just couldn’t see it and didn’t think it would sell. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time for Micah to design something else. Shucks! So they had to go with his original design.

He got a call when we were at the yard sale informing him that the shirts were figuratively flying off the shelves, and that they would almost surely be sold out before the end of the competition. Moral of the story: Micah is awesome. But I’ve always known that.

4 thoughts on “The Man Has Skills

  1. Woah. That’s a pretty intense shirt. But what are the things sticking out the bottom? Are those the knives? And what is the thing going through “FIREKNIFE”? Also, I have decided that “fireknife” is a weird word.

  2. The things sticking out at the bottom are a bone necklace that Samoans (guys and girls) wear when they do dances and stuff. I am not sure what kind of bones or what, but it is rather common for them to have as part of their traditional getup. The thing going through the word “fireknife” is, oddly enough, a fireknife. The knives are a long, rectanglar blade with a hook at the end (this allows them to hook multiple knives together and do all sorts of madness). They then attach propane soaked pieces of wood to either side of the knife and light it up.

    And, yes, “fireknife” is a weird word.

  3. That just sounds like so much fun. Fireknife-ing, I mean. Talk about weird words! I love seeing your cool design stuff, Micah! Rock on!

  4. I must admit, Micah is truly and inspiring designer. im lucky to have work with him. i just wish i had more time to learn from him.

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