unFried Green Tomatoes

unFried Green Tomatoes

Many of you know that we have been waiting with bated breath for our tomato to begin producing fruit. We have been enjoying the basil and cilantro for some time now, and have even plucked off a few leaves of lettuce for a sandwich. But even though our tomato plant had practically turned in to a tree and sprouted many beautiful yellow flowers, we were not seeing any of those promising green globes. We were so sad. Sad like a raincloud.

Until Friday, that is. There are five. And don’t ask why we didn’t see that one on the right. It must be at least a week old. Just know that we are so happy that they have arrived safely.

2 thoughts on “unFried Green Tomatoes

  1. Hooray! Congrats on the new arrivals. I know it must have been a big day for the two of you…especially with FIVE new ones! glad that everything went well. :)
    Hope you can enjoy them soon!

  2. Pretty soon you will have too many to know what to do with. I would ask for you to send some our way, but that’s potentially nasty.

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