No More Breadlines for Liz

No More Breadlines for Liz

Don’t you love it when you walk into a job interview thinking, “Why am I here? I don’t want this job.” And then you walk out of the interview, not only employed, but actually excited about what you will be doing? I love it, too.

I must admit that when I got the message on my phone that the BYU-H Financial Aid office wanted to interview me about the part-time temporary position of “Financial Aid Assistant,” I was less than ecstatic. I mean, generally speaking I get really excited about filing and data entry and all of those fun things I did when I was working at AlphaGraphics in high school, but I just wasn’t feeling it this time around. I am a college grad. I have a degree. I just had a super-ultra important job in the state legislature. And now they want me to put papers in files? Give me a break. But then again, I was desperate for a job and beggers can’t be chosers. Or so I am told.

However, I had a change of heart as I was interviewing with Mr. Duke. It turns out that, yes, I will be spending three hours a day doing “documentation” in Excel (which I currently don’t know much about, but I’m sure it will come in handy), but I will be spending three more hours helping the webmasters create content for a new financial aid/scholarship website. Which I think might be kind of interesting and useful, and possibly a good thing for someone interested in copywriting and editing. So, for the next four to six months, I get to work in the same building as Micah. We can go into work together and have lunch together and send secrect coded messages through the air vents together. Oh, ya, and work, too. It’ll be awesome. But, since I only work six hours a day and Micah has to work eight, that leaves two hours for me to lay out on Bikini Beach while I wait for Micah to get off work.

Life’s rough. But at least I’m employed.

One thought on “No More Breadlines for Liz

  1. “life’s rough.”? My eye. Oh you wish it mmm hhmm.
    I was gonna say something super witty, but alas, I forgot it and then couldn’t come up with any thing good.

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