Easter Feaster

Easter Feaster

We weren’t fortunate enough to have guests for dinner on Easter. Nobody likes us. :( But we did manage to put together a little Easter Feast. It was so large that we had to eat it in courses. We began at approximately 2:00 with the bag of strawberry milkshake flavored Robin Eggs we couldn’t pass up when we were at the store on Saturday. We actually opened them Saturday night, but there were still plenty for Sunday. Too many, in fact. By the time we got down to the last three, we were practically hitting the ceiling, our sugar levels were so high. It was all I could do to choke down the last one so there would not be any more to dispose of. I practically died doing it, but it was a sacrifice I was willing to make.

By 6:00 we decided it was time to get something more substantial in our systems. We didn’t dye eggs this year (or last year either) but we did hard boil some, and of course the best thing to do with hard-boiled eggs is to devil them. We did a little something different from what we are used to–they have spinach in them. The spinach did wonders to counteract the sugar that was coursing through our veins. However, they weren’t as filling as we would have liked. We wanted to have something festive, but we didn’t realize when we were at the store that ham is the way to go on Easter. And all we had in our fridge was the deli-sliced variety. So we did the best we could and put together some chicken cordon bleu–with mozzarella instead of swiss cheese. Our final course was ready at 9:00 and was well worth the wait.

The lateness of the hour kept us from sampling our delicious dessert, however. The poor little purple peeps were left out in the cold for this Easter Feast. We’ll probably have to warm them up in the microwave a little bit. I hear that does wonders for the squishy little critters.

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  1. Oh, and I think the only way to really eat peeps is to open the package, let them sit for a week or two and eat them stale and hard! Yum!

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