Oh, the pain!

Oh, the pain!

The alarm went off at 5am on Saturday and after a few moments of disbelief and confusion we rolled out of bed, packed up our running shoes, grabbed a bowl of raisin bran and headed out the door for the hour long drive to Honolulu. We got there right at 6:30, stretched out, and hit the road for our 2 hour run. Like us, everyone in the team is training for a full (26.2 mile) or half (13.1–for those of you who are math-challenged) marathon and are doing a lot of fund raising to benifit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We really love our group and enjoy getting together with them on a weekly basis. It boosts our morale. During our 2 hour run we covered about 12 miles–the farthest we have run so far, but not quite as far as a half marathon. So sad. However, after running 20-25 miles during the week, it is no easy task. As we were hobbling into a store after our run we realized that it is a good thing that we still have about 2 months to train.

So, one would think that putting in 12 miles before 9:00 would be enough punishment for one day, but as it turned out yesterday was also our appointment at the dentist. Yippee! We had our checkup a couple of months ago and we had to go back for some fillings. I had two cavities (one of which was due to a filling that had fallen out 2-3 years ago) and Elizabeth had three. Because my cavity had not been refilled for so long it got much bigger and it took forever for them to fill it. I had to open wide for longer than I would like to think about and I could not take a rest. My mouth was so sore just from being open. Then my lovely wife hit the chair and they filled her three (more than two) cavities in about 10 minutes. Such is my luck. I did, however, get a few laughs out of the fact that both of us had numb faces for the next several hours. We were a sorry sight. It was a while before we could take a drink without leaking and smile without looking like we were grimacing in pain.

So, having fulfilled her physical and oral pain quota for the day, Elizabeth set to work paining her brain by taking a GRE practice test in preparation for the real thing this Friday. She gives me a mean look everytime I brag about how smart and wonderful she is, so I won’t tell you how the test went, but I think it is safe to say that I have married a genius. The smile on her face and the cheerful tone with which she told me to be quiet and leave her alone was evidence that she actually enjoyed the experience. I was trying really hard to be quiet and stay out of her hair–I kept myself busy by reading a bit and other exciting, noiseless activities–but it was clear that I was the cause of any pain (mostly in her neck) she suffered during the ordeal.

By the end of her test we both decided that we had had enough for one day and agreed that no more blog worthy events should take place that day. Unfortunately, we broke this goal during our dinner preparations. It was time, we decided, to begin tearing our garden to pieces. It was with heavy hearts that we took the scissors and decapitated a few cilantros and plucked some leaves off of Cindy Basil. But after we chopped up our little ones in the food processor and stirred them into a steaming pot of spaghetti, we decided the pain was worth it. Nothing like cilantro/basil pesto sauce over pasta washed down with bittersweet chocolate ice cream to make you forget your pains . . . .

3 thoughts on “Oh, the pain!

  1. Two cavities, Micah I’m disappointed. Liz, you only had 3?? Truly, you are not doing your duty in the cavity department. The most I’ve had filled at one time was like, 5, and I’ve had several more cheerful visits to the dentist for other fillings. I even have a piece of porcelain in one super-demented tooth. Apparently, the already-filled tooth had a crack in it through which my cavity-causing friends could enter and party. Of course, I did not run 12 miles before getting this procedure done, or practiced for a super-major exam or even made dinner, but I did . . . um . . . yeah. I guess Liz and Micah win . . . this time.

  2. They were my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cavities. My first one was bad, but it was in a baby tooth, so it came out. I was pretty disappointed to have three cavities after trying to take such good care of my teeth, but such is life.

    You should try making a basil-cilantro pesto some time. Just chop the fresh leaves in a food processor with some olive oil and either nuts or parmesean cheese (we used cheese). It is delicious.

  3. I am not trying to out do you, but I think that my last dentist visit where he told me I had 20 cavities puts me at least in the running. I had to go back three weeks in a row so they could fill them in sections. Word to the wise…don’t wait 6 years until your next dentist visit! :)

    I’m excited to hear more on your marathon trainings AND the GRE! Good luck!

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