A Year Without Yertle

A Year Without Yertle

Although we’d lived here only a few days when we saw whales breeching off shore, we have yet to see any turtles. (We were walking along the beach at sunset behind our condo at Turtle Bay Resort. It was very romantic. We were on our honeymoon. Oh, wait. We still are.) I dreamed about a sea turtle once. It was as big as our coffee table and it was in our front yard. But alas! It was only a dream. We went to Turtle Bay on Monday since we didn’t have work (thanks Prince Kuhio!) and we did not see any turtles. We saw random people I know from Utah (always a bizarre experience), but no turtles. We have seen whales on more than one occasion, despite the fact that they are, supposedly, much rarer of a find. It is our new mission to get a picture of a real turtle to post on our blog before Kamehameha Day in mid-June (which is when we are going to Alaska as well–double incentive). So keep checking up on us.

ps. Neither of us crocheted this turtle, but we would like to sponsor a competition. Whoever can create a crocheted humpback whale wins fame and glory beyond any of your wildest dreams.

2 thoughts on “A Year Without Yertle

  1. Oooh oooh!! I want glory beyond my wildest dreams! Where do I sign up?! Where can I find someone who knows how to crochet?! Aaah!! So much to do, so little time!! By the way, that is a really cute turtle, even if it isn’t real. I wish I had orange skin like that.

  2. If you really want some nice orange skin, I’ve heard of some “tanning” lotions that will do the job for you. 😉

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