The Heiselt Bunch

The Heiselt Bunch

Our precious little ones are growing so quickly! You can see in the Alice position that there is quite a bit more green than when we started. It is burgeoning forth with life! The broccoli (Bobby Brady position) is really looking great. We have yet to see anything that resembles a head of broccoli, but the stem is beginning to look familiar. In the Carol Brady position is our sad, sad Romaine lettuce. We fear the rains have wrought permanent damage to our Romainian friends. They are really droopy, but have not yet begun to show signs of death, so there is still hope. With a little more sun and a little less rain we may still be in business. Cindy “Basil” Brady is looking good, although the rain has torn some of her precious leaves. But she smells wonderful and we are looking forward to many delicious pesto sauces at her expense. Peter Brady, aka Bell Pepper, is also looking rather healthy, although we haven’t seen any signs of veggies on the vine just yet. The cilantro, in Jan’s place, is just about ready to be put to good use. We are waiting a little while longer to see if we can’t get a little more out of it before we go tearing the little things apart. Marcia’s tomato plant is getting to be so tall! And it seems like just yesterday that it was just knee high to a grasshopper! *sigh* Of course, we have yet to see any fruit on it either, but hopefully when the sun comes out again (if it ever does) we will get a few little green globes to admire. Unfortunately the sun/rain ratio is not being very kind to our initially promising snow peas (Mike Brady position). They *were* growing up our strings just fine, but have since been turning a little yellow and have not produced any fruit (sniff sniff). Blasted rain! We thought this was the land of sun! Unlike Marcia’s tomato plant, Greg’s watermelon is still knee high to a grasshopper. We don’t know if the rain has stunted its growth or if this just isn’t the plant for our garden. It hasn’t shown any signs of death yet, so we’re going to let it keep trying until it does. It’s been so fun to watch them grow. We feel kind of guilty that we don’t have to do any work in our garden and it is still looking this good. Square foot gardening is a great way to go! We highly recommend it.

5 thoughts on “The Heiselt Bunch

  1. Your garden is wicked awesome. I’m glad you posted pics of your little ones…They are just beautiful. And I think they resemble the two of you quite a lot. :) Great job!

  2. What a lovely little family! We planted some seeds about a week ago and I’m amazed that anything’s even sprouted yet! Gotta love that tropical weather…

  3. Sadly, it seems as though our watermelon is going the way of all the earth. :( We will be transplanting a pepper plant that has been a drain on the lettuce into its spot. We’ll let you know how it works out.

  4. Sigh, well you know how it goes . . . the good ones die young. Greg Watermelon was a true friend and trooper. He will be remembered fondly by his family and friends: Bobby Brady Broccoli, Carol Brady Lettuce-the Romainian, Cindy “Basil” Brady, Peter “Bell Pepper” Brady, Jan Cilantro, the fast-growing Marcia Tomato, and Mike Brady aka Snow Peas. He will be sorely missed. He has already been interred, but if you would like to see the last place Greg was while on this earth, you can either try to decipher the picture, or you can travel to Liz and Micah’s house in Hawaii. For directions, contact them. Truly, this is a sad day for all of us. And truly, this was a stirring eulogy. (sob!) 😉

  5. Thanks for the obit. We had a nice little ceremony for the poor thing before we transplanted the other pepper. So now we have Peter “Bell Pepper” Brady and Pepper-Greg, as we will affectionately call it.

    On a side note, I had a dream (nightmare?) last night that our garden was drooping and wilted (picture our plants growing down instead of up) because it had rained so much. So sad. Good thing it was just a dream.

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