Pi Pie

Pi Pie

We have a habit, as some of you know, of cooking things. We like to cook, we like to bake, we like to throw what ever is in the fridge into a pot and hope for the best. Sometimes they end up not being very good, but other times they are quite tasty, so we keep doing it. The other habit we have that sometimes fuels the first habit is the habit of trying to find things to celebrate. That means cherry pie on President’s Day (except that cherries are ridiculously expensive here, so they sometimes are substituted by things like butterscotch custard) and chicken pot pie on Pi Day and other kinds of pies whenever we find a holiday worthy of one. Tuesday, as some of you may know, was Pi Day. 3.14. In keeping with the tradition we started last year, we made a chicken pot pie. And this is where our two habits converge.

On Sunday we put together some homemade pasta for a pan of lasagna we were making for guests. We had some leftover noodles (sheets, I should say, since we didn’t cut the pasta at all–they were as wide as our 9 inch pan) that we were going to do something “fun” with. The opportunity arose as we realized the important holiday that Tuesday was, and that we didn’t have time to make a crust since we needed to go running. We adopted a can-do attitude and said to ourselves, “No crust? No problem!” Out came the pasta noodles to line the pie plate. The finished product is on the left. Last years effort is on the right. Both were delicious.

4 thoughts on “Pi Pie

  1. I was wondering if you two were going to celebrate pi day. I had forgotten (like usual) until one of my middle schoolers went off on how cool it was and that their math teacher was making pie for all her classes. Anyways, I thought of you two specifically yesterday. Glad you’re continuing the tradition!

  2. I have a question. How do just the two of you manage to eat all that you make? Do you have tons of leftovers, or have you both gained 50 pounds? 😀 Of course there is the alternative that you guys have people over to eat, but does that happen? :)

  3. It takes a while. Sometimes it goes bad and we have to throw it out. Sometimes we have people over to eat (we’d like to have more people over . . . we just don’t know that many people.) :) I can assure you we are our normal stick-thin selves. And are likely to remain that way as long as we are running 25 miles a week. :)

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